About Gilmer County, WV

Welcome to Gilmer County, West Virginia!

Along the the Little Kanawha River, not far from I-79, Gilmer County is a treasure trove of history and nature – of learning, adventure, and fun. Gilmer is filled with historic landmarks, museums and monuments and miles of flowing water. Gilmer County has outstanding recreational facilities and outdoor living opportunities.

Gilmer County is located in the Mountain Lakes region of West Virginia. Glenville, the county seat, is nestled along the Little Kanawha River on the intersections of Routes 33/119 and Route 5.

Gilmer County’s features draw the interest of a variety of people. Some come to the annual Folk Festival, interested in music. Others come to camp and fish along the waters of Cedar Creek State Park. Yet, still others come to explore the history of our region.

Gilmer County was created by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on February 3, 1845 from parts of Lewis and Kanawha counties. It was named in honor of Thomas Walker Gilmer (1802-1844). The county has rich Civil War history, as well as deep roots in the Little Kanawha River, Oil and Gas, and is home to long-standing Glenville State College.

Gilmer County is a safe, friendly county located in central West Virginia. The rural landscape of woods covered mountains and hillsides, valleys, meadows, and waterways give the residents all they need for a quality life style, away from the high traffic and population concentrations of metropolitan areas. The countryside is filled with tree covered hillsides and family farms. We welcome you to visit the natural beauty of our county and of our county’s residents.

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Enjoy this virtual visit to Gilmer County, West Virginia.   Stop by any time – you may decide to stay.

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  1. Posted by arvin dee hayes on July 3, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    i have been going to gilmer co. sincwe i was 4 years old,im 50 now.grandpop always had me working the garden,chickens and soon i was taken by the magic of wv.have alwas wanted to move their.i love the kind hearted people in wv.i love helping older people,as i do here in md.my mother was born in shock wv.if you could send my job opens iwould thank you very much.for my heart longs for your great state,its in my blood.&mind to belong to wv. thank you, arvin hayes. my email is carvinarvin61@yahoo.com


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